Company Profile
Mao's Clothes-Hangers Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful Lipu county Guilin city Guangxi province of China. The China Commercial Affairs Department has given Lipu county an award for the name of "Hanger Production Base" in China. Most hangers in the world are produced from this base.

Mao's Clothes-Hangers Co., Ltd was established in 1988. We are one of the earliest-established, largest scale, and full- range hanger manufacturer in the "Hanger Production Base". Mao's has an advanced manufactory occupies an area of 23,000 square meters. Our plant has 680 skilled workers, and also a technical team of more than 100 people. Our staff have outstanding know-how in manufacturing clothes hangers and are regularly attending training courses in quality standards.

Mao's factory has productive capacity of more than 600 variety of hangers and 100 assortment of mannequins as well. Our hangers are made of metal, metal with PVC coating, aluminum, wood, and satin materials. Our mannequins are made mainly of fiber glass. By continuous development of function, handling and visual appearance Mao's hangers are unsurpassed for hanging, stretching and clamping. All our clothes hangers are perfectly shaped, material protecting, anti-slip coated and environment-friendly. In addition, the quality and nature of our hangers is marked by longevity and the use of the best possible resources. Our innovations make sense and are individually tuned. The hangers produced by Mao's are always in top-notch condition and excellent design and quality. We are a one-stop shop that has strong ability to design, to produce, and to market our own products.